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Get An Earful of Film

Podcasts About Movies That I Think You’ll Enjoy

Ear with strip of filmWhat’s the next-best thing to watching movies, or discussing them with fellow movie geeks face-to-face? Listening to others discuss them! For those times when you’re craving cinema, but you’re by yourself, and/or needing to do a task that requires your eyeballs but leaves your auditory apparatus free, here are audio podcasts that cinema wonks will enjoy.

  1. Linoleum Knife: Hosts Alonso Duralde and Dave White are genuinely funny and knowledgeable about movies past and present, and about the movie industry. The audio quality is high, and language stays pretty clean. (All of these characteristics are, disappointingly, a rarity when it comes to podcasts about movies!) In a recent episode I thought I heard someone give Dave the nickname “The Velvet Lawnmower”. Listen and find out why that’s a dead-on description.
  2. Movies You May Have Missed: This podcast’s title sums it up. Rather than try to hit the ever-moving target of current movie-industry news, hosts Juan Carlos Bagnell and Lee Buckley bring attention to films from a lot of different eras and genres that even the most obsessive movie nerds may not know about. Past episodes have covered topics ranging from zombies to Joan Crawford‘s version of “Mildred Pierce”. This podcast introduced me to “Seconds”. The hosts seem to welcome suggestions from listeners.
  3. Film Misery: Just discovered this one but I plan to start listening regularly. Host Alex Carlson and a changing lineup of guest hosts and co-hosts are extremely polite but don’t take themselves too seriously, the music used in the episodes is listenable, and the audio quality is high.
  4. Geek Scholars: Another very recent addition to my list, but I’m looking forward to listening and learning more. The lively hosts (Chris, Fox, Lauren and Jill) seem to take the “scholar” part of their podcast’s title seriously.

Honorable mention has to go to the Popcorn Mafia podcast. The only reason I’m cautious about recommending it is the strong language and kinda racy humor. This one definitely merits iTunes’ “explicit” rating. So just use some judgement about where and when you listen. Host Grae Drake obviously knows and loves movies, and her enthusiasm shines through in every episode.

Doing the research for this entry reminded me that many seem to be compelled to create their own podcasts about cinema, but so very few are worth listening to. I encountered several (which will remain nameless) which were really a chore to listen to. Problems like atrocious audio quality, squeaky-voiced hosts, and hosts that guffawed at their own jokes while wildly mispronouncing the names of films or of actors, had me reaching for the “stop” button on iTunes pretty fast.

Also, podcasts that don’t focus exclusively on recent movies and movie news seem to be in short supply. If you’re aware of any that fill this niche that you can recommend, pass them on. Happy listening!

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